#MA30DAY Introduction / Preparation

I am so excited for everyone who has pledged to this challenge but even more excited to start this new journey with all of you. This email is intended to prepare you before we start.

For your program you will begin with:

  • Week 1 grocery list
  • Recipes and how to cook every meal
  • Clean cheat options
Let me inform you that even though this is a challenge, what you’ll be gaining is more than just results. This program focuses on helping you start a new lifestyle. In the next 30 days if you follow this program, not only will you see amazing results, but you will feel and perform like a completely different person.
With this said whether you are doing this for fat loss and/or muscle building and working out from home or at the gym there are a few things we recommend you to have in order to be successful:


The only supplements we are using are a multivitamin, a plant-based protein powder, and branch chain amino acids. We are relying mostly on food for our supplementation.  These are the brands that I am recommending and personally use:
  • Plant based protein from Tru Supplements: if you haven’t tried plant based, this particular brand has delicious taste (not your chalky plant based protein), has amazing consistency and taste, and it is only 100 calories per serving. This company is NCAA safe.
  • MultiVitamin with power greens from TRU: this is not your regular multivitamin, in actuality, this multivitamin has 10k Orac units of antioxidants. It will help you with cellular energy, ingest your recommended micronutrient allowance, It also contains turmeric which aids with inflammation and digestion. This multivitamin is amazing and safe to take by anyone.
Tru supplements can be ordered through their website. www.GetTruSupps.com
If you have any other brand with you already, please go ahead and use those. Although I recommend that brand because it is the one I personally use and they are NCAA Safe.
Modern BCCAs: modern branch chain amino acids are the building blocks of muscle. It will energize you but help you build lean muscle mass and not break down muscle. There are many brands out there, but we recommend these that you can get online or at any GNC or nutrition store.
  • If you’re working out from home:
  • Resistance bands with handles
  • Mini bands (available on my website)
  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells
  • Kettlebells
  • or any at home equipment is great!


If you do not have any equipment and cannot afford the equipment:

  • Backpack: you can fill it up with heavy cans or books to add resistance to all leg exercises. Watch the videos as I show you how to get creative.
  • Plastic bags: you can also use the bags and fill them up with even weight cans to perform all exercises.
  • Foam rollers: If you do own one, great, if you do not have the money to grab one, buy a lacrosse ball for very cheap


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