I have always been a runner, a sports lover, active. After high school, I fell into a full-time job and a stressful one at that. I ate out everyday, I drank every weekend – and I never worked out. I was unhappy. BUT, I recognized I was not in a good place and that it was time for change. I quit that job, started college, and began to work out. I was feeling better, I was down to a good weight, but I didn’t maintain it. I lacked knowledge in the nutritional area of things, and I think that’s why I didn’t stick with it. I had followed Massy for quite some time and came across the MA30Day challenge for the summer. I have two jobs and part time with photography, so my biggest problem was feeling like I had no time to do anything. This program showed me that planning ahead and that what I put in my body, was more important than just getting the workout in. What I also found when I started this program was the community aspect of it. All the other warriors cheering you on, and a trainer that was on the opposite side of the United States always made sure she answered my questions so I didn’t feel left out. It lit a fire inside of me that continues to grow each day.

I became a warrior because I love what Massy stands for and I loved that it is a community-based program. Her program isn’t 30 Days and it’s done. Massy gets you prepared for a lifestyle change in more aspects than just eating right.

It’s so important to have people rooting for you. Going through the same challenges, having the same questions, it brought us all together. Being able to help another warrior out created so many friendships and support systems. I think that is why this program is so successful.

It’s very important to focus on yourself. I learned more than anything through this experience that you have to plan ahead, and always make time for you. It truly helped me make all of my progress.


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