Hi loves! My name is Bianca Smith and I am a wife and mother to 4 Awesome kids! I live in the Metro-Atlanta area and I initially started the Ma30day program in the Summer 2015. Massy’s program catapulted me to get back into the swing of things! I have always been a pretty, health conscious person but what can I say… I love bread and pasta! I have an absolute passion for cooking, In fact I went to culinary school where I learned a lot about foods of different origin & cooking technique, But it wasn’t until my husband sustained an injury during his professional football career that truly made me realize the healing properties that are associated with certain foods/fruits/herbs and how the diet can be beneficial in accelerating recovery #foodie. I love to sing! And chances are if I make it out of my basement to the gym… I am the lady with my headphones on singing Beyoncé ? out loud NOT purposely guys but sometimes it just happens?. Lastly, I love to motivate and I hope to inspire others to begin this beautiful… sometimes turbulent journey called a healthy lifestyle ?. Let’s get it!

I became a Warrior ? because I was searching for a program that was doable and maintainable. Something that would fit into my CRAZY day to day of work, home, carpooling, cooking, cleaning & everything in between. I didn’t want to necessarily have to go to the gym so it needed to be convenient but yield RESULTS! I wanted a program where if I signed up I could ask questions get in contact with someone without a prolonged wait time and the Ma30Day program did that. I wanted a program that would hold me accountable and YES the Ma30Day did that, with posting the before and afters… and let me tell you, the first post is the hardest one but guess what??? at the end of the first week if you stick with it, YOU WILL get results I did! And at the end of the 30 days if you stick with it you will be presently surprised at YOUR results I was. Lastly, this program is so important to me because Massy empowers Women and encourages “progress not perfection” let’s face it, no one is perfect… no one and sometimes we hold ourselves to crazy standards but there is one standard here a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE that’s what I love!


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