CD Sierra

Turning 21 in a hospital bed weighing 400 lbs and using a walker to get around was my turning point. I fought with obesity my whole life. Being bullied, made fun of in school about my weight didn’t help with me wanting to “diet” either. I often had kids/staff ask why I was eating different foods. I was active as a child, loved sports but was hard physical because I was morbidly obese. I dieted my whole life, tried every weight loss pill and shake you can name! We tried everything and like everyone I would fall off. At the age of 14, I found myself in the hospital bed with a cyst the size of a basketball wrapped around my ovary. I was unaware of the cyst growing because of my size. My doctor warned me “if you dont change your habits you will be dead by the age of 21, you are already diabetic”. When I was 18 just starting college I went to the emergency room because I had symptoms of high blood sugar. It was then that they put me on 2 types of insulin 2 times a day. Again, I left determined to change my life and did well for a while then fell off. My next big scare was right before my 21st birthday, I had MRSA (because I was diabetic I was prone to infection).  Along with that, I had symptoms of pelvic girdle pain. It hurt to lift my right leg and hurt to walk. As a result, I was forced to use a walker for 4 months. That was when i decided enough was enough. I started with my nutrition, I knew eating a homemade wrap was better than enchiladas. I knew I needed to get moving as well, starting out on the elliptical 10 mins every day, slowly built up my endurance and did it 2x a day. I knew enough to lose 100lbs in 5 months, I reached out to Massy via Instagram for help at my 10 month mark. I plateaued and didn’t know what to do. We started working together Feb 2014, and since then, I have yet to stop. I went from using a walker to running marathons. I weight train 5-days a week and LOVE what I do so much I became a NASM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.

I am a MA warrior because I have battled with this since I was a child and I continue to battle and fight!  Massy has taught me to LOVE the lifestyle and trust the process. Its a community, women empowering other women. It is a day to day battle but as warriors we get stronger and things get a little easier. I am a MA warrior because I love to be better and help others along the way.


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