My Story

I’ve been an athlete all my life and after I became an OCR runner I obtained some injuries to my back and neck and was put on strong steroid medication. I checked out for a while on fitness and then I because slightly withdrawn and uninterested. I was unmotivated, tried to get back into the gym and just couldn’t find a rhythm or even the the desired to stay consistent. Then one day I was scrolling through instagram and I watched Massy’s story and I was reminded of why I did what I did. I was a fighter and people like us are blessed to be a blessing. So I bought Massy’s program to test it out and I have been hooked ever since.

Why an MA Warrior?

I became a warrior because I love what Massy’s represents. She is a fighter, a motivator, spiritual, humble and kind. It is important to me to follow someone of such character because it is who I want to reflect as well. She is honest in her work and inspiring in her dedication. Definitely someone to emulate.

My Transformation

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