Jessica Jasmin Gonzalez

I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast, but never truly understood the importance of nutrition. I’ve been involved in sports since the age of 10. I was always titled as “athletic”, but never truly felt that my body represented that. I’ve struggled with high cholesterol several times. Given my latina roots, my nutrition consisted of tortillas, tamales, tacos and pupusas; Carbs, carbs and more carbs!
When I began to play college soccer, I slowly began to learn the importance of nutrition. I exercised consistently and made healthier choices. Still, after years of my fitness dedication, I felt that my body remained the same. Nutrition plays a critical role in my life due to fact that my mother and father are diabetic. Both of my grandmothers also passed away from diabetic health related issues. I do not wish to pursue that route and have chosen the “clean eating” lifestyle.
I’m currently an English teacher, ELD program coordinator and Girls Soccer coach. I love to stay busy and yes, I always make time for my workouts!

I’ve always admired Massy and when I saw her MA30DAY challenge, I had to give it a try. Her humble personality and passion for fitness drew me into her program. I knew there was much more I needed to learn in regards to exercise and nutrition. Becoming a warrior sister was one of the best decisions I ever made. I instantly felt the love and motivation from Massy and the rest of the warriors. Massy not only taught me about proper nutrition and  proper form, but proper care for my own well being.

I now know exactly what I need to do in order to maintain and reach my fitness goals. I love challenging my self and I’m constantly trying new exercises. I love motivating others and sharing my passion for fitness. During the weekdays I train hard, on the weekends I love exploring. I enjoy the outdoors and nothing puts my soul at peace than a beautiful hike and breathtaking scenery.

Exercising has become an everyday necessity. It’s the time my mind and soul run freely. It’s the time I can forget about my worries and focus on myself


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