My Story

nekeidraI currently reside in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, where I am a pharmacist and a mother to a beautiful 8 year old girl. Approximately 14 months ago, I had taken a picture with a friend and did not like how I looked at all. I follow Massy on Instagram and she had just started her 30-day programs, but was hesitant about trying because I thought an online program wouldn’t work for me. Then, I seen results from her first August/September 2015 program and decided to join the #ma30day October 2015 challenge and so my fitness/lifestyle change began. Currently, I just completely prepping for my first bikini competition in which I placed Top 5, which means I am nationally qualified. That’s an amazing feat for my first show and one that never thought I could achieve.

Why an MA Warrior?

I became a warrior because I wanted to join a community that had like minded goals in achieving a healthier lifestyle and that would be able to grow and support each other. It is important to me as a warrior to inspire, uplift, encourage and empower others to achieve whatever goals one may have.

My Transformation


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