My Story

I’m 40 years old mother of a 14yr old and 8yr old. Recently lost my husband of 17 years to pancreatic cancer. I choose to focus on what’s going right in my life and I rather be happy than to be sad.

Why an MA Warrior?

I originally became a warrior back in March 2016 . My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November 2015 and my life just felt out of control. That’s when I decided I not only needed to take care of my husband but also take care of myself. At the time treatments were working and we were able to enjoy life despite of cancer. In July things started to change. Treatments weren’t working and life just got out of control. It’s hard getting news you don’t want to hear. It’s hard spending days in the hospital just waiting for some improvement. I saw myself falling back into old habits from my college years like eating combos and zebra cakes. Those were my woe is me food. Towards the end I talked to Felipe and I told him it was ok to go and that I was going to make him so proud. We talked about what my life would look like after him and I know what he wants for me. We did this because I had to be able to function and not fall apart for our boys. I knew I would need the ma30day group for support and sometimes they carry me without knowing. It’s one of the best decision I’ve made. I put different things in place in my life to ensure that I’m successful and not fall into depression. Like us getting cookie our dog. Enrolling in this program for support not only in getting fit but this groups supports us in everyday life.My kids see me happier and they know how important it is for us to eat healthy and workout. I can’t say enough how this program has impacted my life. I’m able to smile despite of losing my best friend and that is priceless. Thank you!!

My Transformation

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MA Warrior Challenge Bundle

$200.00 $125.00

Welcome to my latest MA Warrior Challenge!

This program and challenge focuses on teaching you how to instill the principles of healthy living, in a sustainable way.

If you’re looking to improve your body composition (i.e build muscle, lose fat, and tone), this is the program for you. We will follow this program for 60 days. It will include a 4 week nutrition plan with amazing recipes, that you’ll use for the rest of your life. This program will educate you in nutrition, and explain how to read your labels. I will touch on many aspects of fitness, so you can live healthy, happy, and fit.

This program teaches life lessons. You’ll be able to develop your own meal program by the end of our challenge!

Starting with the provided for a week guide, you will learn to adjust, and of all of the program to satisfy your bodies own requirements (Macros). If you’re more of a beginner, then you can follow the program with the given macros and you will see amazing results. Once you are more experienced, you can then play around with calculating your macros.  To make it even easier for you, I’ve included a macro index with all the major common foods with its respective measurements and macro breakdowns. This can be done by an individual who is a beginner, or an expert in knowledge about fitness.

  • Total body compound workouts for all fitness levels.
  • How to pair muscle groups and exercises to give you the best results possible.
  • How to properly recover while gaining flexibility and mobility.
  • How to eat to gain muscle and lose body fat.
  • How to reach your goals in a sustainable way.
  • Plus there are 4 weeks of full meal plans!

*NOTE: if you have previously purchased the 8 week challenge you will need to purchase the meals only version in order to enroll in this challenge to be eligible for prizes!


  1. Grand prize: $2,000
  2. 2nd place: $1,000
  3. 3rd place: TRU Supplement sponsorship for 6 months!!
  4. 4-6 winners: will win a special prize back from TRU!

**When you purchase this 8 week program guide, you will create an account. Please remember your login username and password so that you can access your documents! Click My Account for your download area to find access to your downloadable link!


MA Warrior Challenge Meals & Enrollment

$100.00 $75.00

Welcome to my latest MA Warrior 60 Day Challenge! This particular plan only contains the Nutrition and Meals version of the latest challenge.

This is the MEALS only version of myMA Warrior 60 Day Challenge!. It comes fully stocked with your meals for weeks 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 to go along with the challenge!

This plan also includes your healthy shopping lists to help you best prepare each segment’s menu requirements. The recipes are delicious and easy to follow along even if you don’t have much cooking experience!

Note: if you previously purchased my 8 week lifestyle challenge you will need to purchase this nutrition and meals plan in order to enroll into the latest, Oct 1, challenge.


MA30DAY Program

$150.00 $59.99

When you purchase this E-book program, you will create an account. Please remember your login username and password so that you can access your documents! Click My Account for your download area! (this is not a DVD)

This digital download ebook program is a performance and wellness based program that focuses on movement making you a better athlete at life and help you transition to a healthy fitness influenced lifestyle. It’s a Free weight functional program you can follow at the gym as well as home if you have dumbbells or resistance bands. The program will include video tutorials. Plant based Vegan and carnivore non-vegan nutrition options that include delicious recipes.

IMPORTANT: Please choose which Meal Plan that suits your dietary needs below!

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