Movement is Medicine: How to Begin a Healthy Relationship with Movement


We were designed to move. Did you know that research shows that even if you were sedentary when you were younger, but began exercising later in life, you can still drop your risk of death by 50 percent? It’s never too late to begin a lifestyle change.

Movement is medicine. Regular movement can prevent and even help treat various conditions and diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It even affects your brain health by increasing blood flow in the brain, keeping your cognitive function in balance. It can also reduce dementia and depression.

A Sedentary Society

A sedentary lifestyle is lowering our life span in today’s society, and I’m determined to make my contribution by inspiring as many as I can to this healthy lifestyle. You are one decision away from turning your life around. The power is in your hands, but I’m here to help. The heart of my programs is creating a healthy relationship with movement and food. It’s amazing how such simple changes can make a dramatic difference in your life.

Movement as a Beginner

Many times, people aren’t sure where to start with movement, so one might opt to just do cardio or start with too difficult of a training program. This can lead to boredom, discouragement, and/or injury. When you’re beginning a movement program, you want to consider your starting point and progress in a safe way where you can still see results.

Many of my programs are progressive, meaning that you start with movements that are low impact, yet still challenging, and work your way up to more advanced movements throughout the program. In this way, you are building up strength and fortifying your frame, which will prevent injury. Obviously, when you are more advanced and can handle more resistance, you will burn more calories during a workout and see results more quickly. That is why the meal plans in my programs are so important because if you follow the meal plan closely, you will still see results even as a beginner. This is huge for motivation in someone just starting out.

If you currently live a sedentary lifestyle and are wanting to increase your movement, start small, but stay consistent. Habits are what will lead you to success. Try going on a 15-minute walk every day for the next week. Once you have built that habit, increase to 30-minutes for a week. Next week, try some bodyweight resistance exercises that are low impact. If you need a more outlined program, my Elevate guide would be a great place to start, as this includes three resistance-training days and three mobility flow days, so you will improve in strength and mobility simultaneously. The only equipment required are resistance bands and a set of yoga blocks. You can find it in my programs section!

Best wishes to you on your movement journey!

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