MA60 Day

What you will get with the program:

  • 8 Weeks of Comprehensive Programming and Versatile Workouts Every Week
  • Nutrition plan with your option of selecting either: Plant Based (Vegan), Vegetarian Options, or Carnivore as available options
  • Easy to Follow at Gym or at Home with limited equipment (using dumbbells and bands)
  • Video Descriptions and Tutorials of Movements
  • Private Facebook Group with MA Warrior Community Integration

What you will learn through this program:

  • What foods to eat to achieve your goals while improving your health and overall body composition.
  • Portion control and timing of meals for individuals who choose to train in the morning and or/ evening using 4 weeks worth of menu options
  • How to train effectively to achieve results and never plateau.
  • New movements that require only free weights and your own body weight. You’ll rely on simple equipment that will enable you to feel confident around the gym or at home.
  • The most important aspects of nutrition, how to read your labels, recover, and stay injury free.


What is my Body Type?


I am lean and thin with narrow hips, chest and shoulders. I have a hard time putting on weight in general. It is easy for me to lose weight.


I’ve always had a larger frame or thought of myself as “big-boned”. I easily gain fat and it is harder for me to lose weight. I have narrow shoulders but wider hips.


I have always been naturally stronger, especially in my legs and arms. I have narrow hips but a wide shoulder base. I can gain both fat and muscle easily.

Additional information

Meal Plan

Carnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan

Body Type

Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph


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