Sipping Without Letting Your Diet Slip


One of the things most trainers will tell their clients is to cut alcohol from their diet for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is that it is full of empty calories. Drinks like Pina Coladas and Long Island Ice Teas range from 300-450 per glass, have a few of those, and you’re close to hitting your recommended caloric intake for the day. Include the meals you’ve already eaten and may eat after and you’ve surpassed your recommended intake, and the fat can begin to store. So what should you do if you’re at a party, girl’s night or just want to go for drinks and want to indulge? Here are low-calorie options that your waistline will be happy you had.

  • Low-Cal Mojito
    Ask the bartender to use half of their serving of simple syrup, or cut it out altogether and use fresh lemon and lime. Use soda water instead of Sprite or Sierra Mist to cut the other calories. Mint and lime are already low calorie and Rum are typically 100 calories per shot.
  • Rum/Hennessy & Coke
    Ask for Diet Coke.
  • Champagne
    A glass of champagne is typically 85 calories, add a splash of orange juice for a brunch Mimosa. Not a fan or orange juice? Put fresh fruit puree in the bottom of the glass then pour champagne over it to sweeten the deal.
  • Mint-ade
    A few strawberries, mint leaves, ice, 1 ounce of Vodka and lite lemonade make a refreshing Strawberry Lemonade with a punch that totals around 130 calories or less.

Each of these drinks (and ingredients) is low-calorie versions of what you would typically find at a bar or restaurant. Knowing what your options are is the best way to make sure you can enjoy yourself while keeping your goals in mind. Don’t let one night out with friends derail your entire week of going hard in the gym and with these drink options, it doesn’t have to.

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