The “Time of the Month”


“Dun dun dun…” It’s that time of the month ladies…

Let’s just begin with clarifying that WE ARE NOT ALONE. With or without a flow during our scheduled “period” all of us women experience this hormonal roller coaster every month. It is not an easy time for any of us! It is like a brick weighing us down from accomplishing what we would like, it leaves us defeated… But ONLY if you let it.

Hormones, cramps, cravings…these can easily control us women but should be no excuse and should only be a benefit to making us stronger. Did you know that a good workout can be one of the best cramp relievers? It is important to listen to your body, but you also need to know when to push yourself. Trust me, if I have learned anything it is to never let Mother Nature come between me and my training because as soon as I complete that workout it’s like I have overcome the negative hormones. It gives me great empowerment for the rest of the week/day to stay on track and stay in control of my life. I may lack a little strength, maybe my routine was not as intense as other days that I am use to having BUT I broke a sweat, I feel energized and I feel accomplished.

So…how do we stay on this positive track? How do you beat the extra hunger that sets in throughout the day? How do you say no to the sweets and the salts? WATER, my dear. Our bodies often mistake “I need water!” for “I want food!” We retain a lot of water when on our period so keep in mind we need to be intaking MORE so we can flush it out (this will help relieve bloat). It is so important to keep water on hands at all times. You catch yourself reaching for that chocolate…how about you start gulping your water instead. It most likely will cut cravings and a tummy full of water will not want to stuff anything extra into it. Also, infused water works wonders. Try adding lemon, maybe cucumber or any other fruits you enjoy. If you are a caffeine drinker, sip on a black coffee maybe sweetened a tad or even a delicious tea. It will really fight against these cravings and keep your mind busy enough to stay away from the junk food.

LOOK FOR SUPPORT! We are all in this together and I guarantee if you turn to other women around you for empowerment and motivation through that dreadful week or so it will do you wonders. And returning the favor will only make you stronger.

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