Do this progression to build the strength and do them right EVERY TIME

Our bodies do not work in isolation, but it moves as a whole. By understanding the concept of the kinetic chain which describes the interrelated groups of body segments, muscles, and joints that work together to perform a movement; you can approach the push up as a full body integrated movement, and not as an upperbody only kind of movement.

Engaging your entire body and keeping it engaged from your feet to you head by squeezing your ankles, legs, glutes, and core is key to maintain proper alignment.

A push up is nothing but a moving plank. Mastering your planks help you build the muscular endurance/strength needed to keep all abdominal and accessory muscles involved in a push up working together to maintain posture during the push up. A weak core is a week push up.

Once you have mastered your planks building enough endurance to hold your body weight in these positions, play around with every progression listed on this video.

Repetition will be your best friend. Your body is a machine that adapts to whatever stress you out it through. Adding every progression two-three times a week on your weekly routine will help you get your first push up and/or make your push ups 100% better than what you were doing before.

A good reference to have is to perform as many repetitions as you can without losing alignment or form for that progression.

Rest 2 mins or more if needed in between sets to allow your body enough recovery to perform the next set with equal effort.

A good rule per progression would be to add 3 sets of a particular progression three times a week to your workout regimen.

Let me know how it goes in the next couple of weeks.

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